Becoming an ECOpreneur: The Guide to Sustainable Business Ownership

Have you ever wondered if you could combine your love of the earth with your entrepreneurial spirit? If you’re ready to begin your journey towards “ecopreneurship,” here are some tips covering everything from sourcing eco-friendly packaging to writing up a business budget!

Getting Ready

Need to learn your way around the business world? Focus on mastering new skills as you solidify your ideas.

  • If you’re interested in furthering your education, you could return to school to study business management, environmental science, or both!
  • Is there an eco-friendly business you admire? Send in your application for an internship with the company.

Administrative Tasks

You can’t dive into ecopreneurship without tackling a few legal and administrative responsibilities first!

  • Get specific about your products, services, management structure, and funding prospects with a business plan.
  • You’ll need a roadmap to anticipate your expenses, income, and other financial metrics, so it’s time to write up a business budget.
  • Work with an affordable online formation service to establish a limited liability company. 

Keeping it Eco-Friendly 

As you make plans for your products, services, and business operations, you’ll need to find a way to stick to your sustainable roots.

  • Want to avoid using wasteful packaging? Research eco-friendly materials to make the right choice for your business!
  • You don’t want your business to rack up sky-high energy bills, so implement initiatives to keep your utility usage
  • Don’t create trash with physical marketing materials - instead, advertise and explain your business’s values through digital marketing.


To make the biggest positive impact, you’ll need to focus on community outreach and making new connections.

  • Chances are, there are other ecopreneurs nearby, so invest some of your time in networking to get to know each other!
  • Working with a local nonprofit can help you find new ways to solve environmental problems in your area. 

If you’re concerned about the environment, and you happen to have a great business idea, you don’t have to choose between entrepreneurship and activism. Instead, you can build a sustainable company from the ground up. The future of business just might be ecopreneurship!

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Photo via Pexels