Plastic Free Shampoo Bars – Benefits and Drawbacks

Are you worried about the environment and looking for a way to contribute to a safe and plastic-free environment? Whether it is pollution or plastic, it affects the environment badly. Many government policies or organizations are creating awareness to avoid plastic as much as possible. A small step taken by an individual toward a plastic-free climate can start a revolution.

Do you use a Plastic-free shampoo bar? Have you ever tried zero-waste shampoo and conditioner?

Shampoo bars are great for someone who cares about the environment and avoids plastic; if you travel often, prefer to use natural products and only buy vegan products. A shampoo bar is a solid shampoo in a bar form, usually made from just a few more natural ingredients, plus they are plastic packaging-free.

Benefits and drawbacks of plastic-free shampoo bars:

Benefits of plastic-free shampoo bars:

  • Plastic-free shampoo bars are travel friendly as they are available in small packs.
  • Most shampoo bars use natural ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients. These natural ingredients are skin-friendly and don't have any harmful effects.
  • Shampoo bars last longer than liquid shampoo, so it is also cost-effective.
  • Zero waste natural shampoo bars are packed in bio-degradable and environment-friendly packing rather than plastic.
  • Due to its smaller size and lightweight, it is easy to transport large amounts of shampoo bars simultaneously, saving fuel.
  • Plastic-free shampoo bars are affordable and easily accessible from supermarkets or online.
  • The shampoo bar uses natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender, etc., giving it a unique and great smell.

Drawbacks of plastic-free shampoo bars:

  • Some companies may try to hide the details of ingredients, and it is not as effective as they say.
  • Shampoo bars are made of natural products and mostly expire within six months.
  • Natural shampoo may not be very effective, if you live in an area with hard water.
  • Proper research is required to choose the one that is suitable for you.
  • Some people need transition time before their hair and scalp adjust to become more effective.

The Bottom line:

Plastic-free and zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bar could be your first step toward a plastic-free and clean environment. If you're interested in trying one, look carefully at the ingredients and find the suitable one. Remember that for most people, there is an adjustment period of about one month on chemically treated hair when using natural bar shampoo.