Electric Eyelash Curler


Experience the effortless curl of gorgeous, long-lasting lashes with our Rechargeable Electric Eyelash Curler. This innovative curler combines gentle heat with advanced technology to deliver a natural, captivating curl lasting up to 24 hours.

  • Natural and Long-lasting Curl: Achieve a beautiful, natural curl that enhances your eyes without harsh crimping or pinching. Effortless and pain-free curling that endures long-lasting results for up to 24 hours.

  • 3 Adjustable Temperature Settings: Three precise temperature settings allow you to tailor the curling experience to your individual lash type: 45℃ for delicate lashes, 65℃ for medium lashes, and 85℃ for thicker, more dense, harder lashes.

  • Low Groove Design Comb: The innovative low groove design comb gently separates and lifts lashes, ensuring that each lash receives optimal heat for a uniform, flawless curl.

  • Smart LED Display: Monitor the curler's temperature and battery level with the convenient LED display. The display flashes when the battery is low and remains lit when fully charged.

  • Portable and lightweight: Travel-friendly design with a rechargeable battery for convenient cordless use.


  • Promotes lash growth and health
  • Enhances eye definition and accentuates facial features
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Safe and gentle for regular use
  • Non-damaging to lashes

Embrace the power of effortless beauty with our Rechargeable Electric Eyelash Curler and unveil your most captivating lashes.

Color: White.

Package: Device, USB cable, and a cleaning brush.

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