Eye & Face Ice Roller Massager

$7.99 $8.99
Bid farewell to tired eyes, dullness, and those pesky fine lines. The Eye & Face Ice Roller kisses your skin awake with every cool caress. This pocket-sized spa works magic, leaving your complexion radiant, refreshed, and impossibly smooth.
  • SMALL & CONVENIENT. BeNat’s small and convenient eye and face ice roller massager helps eliminate dark circles, smooth fine lines, and remove eye pouches.
  • FUNCTIONAL. Effectively improves, lifts, and tightens the eye and facial skin while promoting blood circulation.
  • RELAXING. Our amazing petite ice roller massages the skin to deliver nutrient absorption of skincare products.
  • MULTIPURPOSE. Our fantastic ice roller massager is an excellent cooling eye cream tool for revitalizing eyes!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of stainless steel material, it is durable, safe, wear-resistant, and easy to carry. 
  • Easy to use and clean.

It's the coolest way to revive your skin and boost your mood!

Dimensions: 3" x 1” 

Material: Alloy + ABS

Packaging: Paper box.

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