Rechargeable Facial + Eyebrow Hair Removers Set -2 Pack


An amazing set of Facial Hair Remover for Women and an EyeBrow Hair Remover are painless, discreet and gentle enough for daily use, even on sensitive skin.

 The facial hair remover for women is a perfect portable device for removing unwanted facial hair without anyone knowing. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are gentle on even the most sensitive skin, and the LED light provides precision for targeting even the finest hairs.

And because the Facial Hair Remover is so gentle, you can use it daily before applying makeup. That means you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin every day without having to worry about waiting for regrowth.

The Eyebrow Hair Remover is a revolutionary electric eyebrow razor that gently erases eyebrow hair from the skin's surface with pinpoint precision. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-recommended, it lets anyone shape and maintain beautiful brows without destroying the root or promoting premature aging, which may occur with waxing, plucking, or threading.

This USB-rechargeable electric eyebrow trimmer is easy to use. Simply hold it like an eraser and glide it over your brows, above, below, and between. The built-in LED light illuminates your skin so you never miss a hair.

Package: 2 pcs set plus USB cables.

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