Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

$9.99 $13.99

DEEP AND SOFT CLEANSING. The facial cleansing brush is suitable for meticulous pores and promoting blood circulation. It can effectively remove cosmetics residues, dead skin cells, acne, and blackheads and diminish pores. 

SPECIAL DESIGN FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. The brush head designed for the T zone can effectively remove grease and stains, making you feel dustless and cool. The brush hair is as soft and gentle as hands, but the cleaning effect is tenfold. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

SUPER LONG STANDBY TIME. A high-quality battery supports super-long use. It can be used about 120 times, approx. 2 months. It is recommended to use it once in the morning and evening and for 2 minutes each time.

WHOLE WATERPROOF AND PORTABLE. The small size makes traveling or going on a business trip convenient.


1. Wet your face and apply cleanser

2. Start using the device from the edges of your face and progress inwards, going circularly. Make the cleaning massage from eyes to ears, face to ears, and forehead to ears, and finally, clean up.

3. Clean your face with water

4. Go on your daily skincare, apply serums, creams, moisturizers, or oils on your face, use the device to massage your face skin, and help your face skin absorb the creams.

*Battery lifespan 2 months, not rechargeable.

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