Smart Scalp Massager


The Smart Electric Scalp Massager is the perfect choice for those looking to relieve stress and promote relaxation while enjoying the benefits of a deep, thorough scalp massage. This handheld portable head massager can be used anywhere and everywhere due to its cordless, rechargeable, and waterproof design.

The massager can also be used on any part of your body, imitating human fingers and giving you a relaxing massage that relieves tension and promotes relaxation.

  • DEEP SCALP MASSAGER: The smart electric scalp massager has four massage heads with 21 individual nodes that perfectly fit the scalp, providing an experience similar to hand simulation. Each silicone head rotates in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, giving you a soothing massage that increases blood circulation to the scalp, stimulates hair growth, unclogs pores, and promotes relaxation.
  • MULTIPLE SETTINGS: The hand-held head massager has 4-mode settings for options, including low speed (Clockwise and anticlockwise movement) and high speed (Clockwise and anticlockwise movement). You can select the low speed for a relaxing feel or the high speed for a more thorough massage. You can use this scratcher massager for the head, neck, back, or other body parts.
  • PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE: The electric hair scalp massager is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so there's no need to plug it in while in use, giving you the flexibility to enjoy a perfect massage anywhere without any annoying wires. The massage tool has a charging base and a USB charging cable, lasting 7-10 massages on one full charge. 
  • WATERPROOF & SKIN-FRIENDLY: The electric head massager is made from IPX-7 Waterproof material, allowing you to use it during the shower for a proper scalp massage, relaxing thoroughly with 4-mode tension like a physical therapist. The eco-friendly soft silicone heads prevent hair from being pulled or tangled and do not hurt your skin,  making it safe for all skin types. The massage nodes are detachable for easy cleaning.
  • BEST GIFT CHOICE: The Electric Scalp Massager will be the best gift choice for anyone who wants a relaxing massage at home, office, or even in the car. It's an ideal gift for your family, friends, and loved ones who want to relieve stress, promote relaxation, and improve their overall well-being.

 Material: Silicon+ABS
Usage: Massager
Size:3.7in x 3.7in x 4.9in
Color: White
Voltage: 110V/220V
Voltage/current: DC 5V/1A
Power: 5W
Weight: 14.2oz.

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