Hair Scalp Massager

$5.99 $7.50

Enjoy a scalp massage with our gentle, soft silicone bristle brush that enhances circulation to the scalp, providing a deep clean, exfoliating, and relaxing feeling.

– The ergonomic handle provides a grip that fits comfortably between your fingers. Travel size, you can take it everywhere!
– Our amazing scalp brush works perfectly in all hair types, including sensitive scalps, and is gentler on the scalp yet still effective.
– This awesome scalp massager prevents hair loss by providing gentle stimulation to the scalp to increase blood circulation, preventing hair loss while helping hair growth. A scalp massage improves the texture of hair, making it thicker and stronger over time.

Relax scalp muscles with an incredible sensation of cleanliness using less shampoo & conditioner.

The scalp brush is made of silicone, soft enough for everyone, and its sturdy, high-quality bristles work perfectly in all hair types, including sensitive scalps.

Dimensions: 3"x3"x2.5"

Weight: 2oz.

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